Claudia Conway is out ripping her mother on TicToc again


Claudia Conway, the daughter of George and Kellyanne, is betraying her mother once again. About fifteen minutes before her mother announced that she has COVID-19, Claudia blasted out the news.

She accused her mother of infecting the whole family, coughing all over the place.

The left loves this and Claudia is extremely popular with them. The leftists give this troubled fifteen-year-old a lot of positive attention for her bad behavior.

Claudia claims her mother lied to her about her COV test results. You can’t take that to the bank. She said her mother told her masks outside are stupid. In fact, if you aren’t near anyone outdoors, they are.

Point of fact, President Trump advised people to wear masks and supplies them at rallies. He just doesn’t force people.

Why does this child still have a phone, a computer, and a TicToc account?

Not everyone thinks Claudia’s great.

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