‘Hot’ Dem Senate candidate Cal Cunningham caught sexting & cheating


North Carolina Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham, a married father of two, sent text messages of a sexual nature to a woman who is not his wife, his campaign confirmed Friday night.

The text messages between Cunningham and Arlene Guzman Todd, a public relations strategist from California, were first reported Thursday night by NationalFile.com.

The report included pictures of the text messages, in which Cunningham and Guzman, who is also married according to the report, talked about kissing each other and more.

She couldn’t wait to roll over and kiss him more.

Cunningham told her he had flexibility this month and she was tops on his list.

He’s really sorry about all the hurt he caused (he’s sorry he was caught) and he won’t leave the race. His opponent is Senator Thom Tillis.

Cunningham announced Thursday that he had raised a record-setting $28.3 million in the third quarter of 2020. That is how Democrats are winning — they have lots of money.


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