Rod Rosenstein Hires Another Lawyer to Look Over Documents Subpoenaed by Congress


The Department of Justice has tapped John Lausch, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, to oversee the process of turning over subpoenaed documents to congressional committees.

Are they kidding me? This is pure corruption. Why do they need another lawyer? He should just hand over the documents. Congress has oversight of the DoJ/FBI and he has no right to stonewall.

Lausch comes highly recommended by leftist Dick Durbin. That will help Republicans sleep at night–not! While in Illinois, he was involved in the anti-gang safe neighborhood program which is a joke of a program.

Two House committees have requested the 1.2 million documents surrounding the probes related to the 2016 presidential campaign and so far the DoJ has handed over 3,000 pages of the requested documents.

This has been going on since November.

Lawmakers have issued a subpoena for the documents. If they don’t get them, they will hold Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General in contempt. Several representatives, including Mark Meadows, have said they are willing to follow this through to impeachment.

Where the hay is Jeff Sessions? He’s worthless. He makes periodic announcements about illegal immigration and then goes back to sleep.

Lausch is handling the document production. It’s a way of passing the buck and stonewalling some more. They are trying to make it to the elections in November, take back Congress and impeach the President.

That’s why Mueller is planning a report which will name Trump as a “subject” in the obstruction case. You can probably take bets that the report will be a set up for impeachment.

Don’t forget this isn’t an impeachment of just the President, it’s an impeachment of the Republican Party. It’s sad that the Never Trump Republicans can’t see that.

There are tons of evidence against corrupt Democrats like Hillary but nothing is done and there are no raids on her lawyer’s offices. Her lawyer had all the confidential documents even though he had no security clearance.

There is no evidence of obstruction on Trump yet some bimbo with more traffic on her than the Holland Tunnel is able to spur probes?

This has to end.

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