Rod Rosenstein’s stunning admission, unbelievable testimony


Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein admitted during a Wednesday hearing before the Senate Judiciary that he would not have signed the spy warrant for Carter Page if he knew what he knows now. He agreed exculpatory information was withheld and an email was doctored.

How could he have not known? The information had been made public by then.

Rosenstein said he read the warrant, but then later said to Ted Cruz that he reviewed it and wasn’t sure if he technically read it.

He also admitted he knew there was no evidence of Russia-Trump collusion by August 2017 but let Robert Mueller proceed anyway.

Lastly, he said he couldn’t remember who authorized the Mueller probe. He doesn’t know? He authorized it with a scope memo.

Rosenstein threw McCabe and Comey under the bus and implied that Robert Mueller and the FBI kept him in the dark.

McCabe came right out with a statement. He said McCabe wasn’t fully candid about the Russia- Trump investigation.

“Mr. Rosenstein’s claims to have been misled by me, or anyone from the FBI, regarding our concerns about President Trump and the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia are completely false.”

Rosenstein said he didn’t try to remove the President under the 25th Amendment and he couldn’t say if McCabe lied. He also doesn’t know if there was political bias.

What a crock.

He is either heavily entrenched in the coup or is a lazy, incompetent buffoon.



  1. incompetent buffoon…. for $100 Alex……. None of these bozo’s ever thought they would get caught trying to pull off the biggest treasonous coup in the history of this country!

  2. Hmm…look at all the distractions going on while comrade Rod is deep in the cess ridden swamp.
    What happened to the Coronageddon doom? It is off the news except for some breathtaking reports about a spike somewhere that is in the tens.
    Remember they will burn this country down to an Ozymandias heap of ash to stop Trump.
    TDS syndrome? Is it because he’s white.

  3. If we used the DOJ standard for lying they applied to Flynn & Stone, RR wuold be indicted 1000 times.

    The senate avoided hearings for 4 years on this. This is an election ploy by RINOs. There will be some minor hits but nothing will come of this, the event was designed to have no consequences. Critical elements of the coverup (Graham) get to play hero.

  4. Rosenstein was badly served by his subordinates who deceived him into authorizing the Mueller fiasco. He’s come clean now and will be helpful in the coming prosecutions. He’s also in private practice.

  5. The last question that wasn’t asked by the Senate and should have been asked is ……… Mr Rosenstein what would you like for your last meal ???? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “Election play” is spot on. With that very long outburst by Graham in another hearing I certainly expected more than a whitewash by him. Geez, this was embarrassing to the max. How many damn times did Graham say something to the effect, “you didn’t know…”. It looked more like all the Republicans were trying to “exonerate” Rosenstein. Senator Kennedy came a “little” close in his questioning when it came to bias. It was funny in the extreme how Rosenstein says some on his team were “Trump appointees”, as if that is a signal of “support”.

    The part of bias is Never taken to the next level. Who cares about bias. That’s NOT the damn point. This was an “Investigation” into a “Presidential candidate” and a “Sitting President”. They’re all dancing around the “Gravity” of that fact alone. Didn’t Rosenstein understand that gravity and What that Means. It is So unprecedented in the extreme is not strong enough words. This Alone should have had Rosenstein call every single person that had any involvement whatsoever to his office. There should have been days long meetings to see what would prompt any investigation into a Presidential campaign. Oh, But Wait, he turned it over to the IG, except he just kept on rubber stamping all of it. It fully suggests that this, “investigation”, is standard operating procedure for the DOJ and also suggests there could be other such high profile investigations we will never know about. Not ONE DAMN Republican asked Rosenstein, “what were you thinking” when investigating a political campaign. How common IS this. There is just too much of a damn cavalier attitude on such a profound serious matter. Well, from what I’ve seen today there is little to be gained from watching further hearings.

    I did tell my sister how we had three senators at the very beginning who looked and sounded like they should be in an old age home. Blumenthal sounds like he’s borderline suffering from dementia. He struggles with being coherent. Even Sen. Lee showed he’s not worthy of any accolades. All the questions by the Senators were NOT “probative”, one least bit. The questions would guarantee obvious responses. And many of them ARE lawyers. When an attorney asks questions, generally the line of questioning is for a purpose. Most of what I saw was rambling questions. These are the people we elect. It’s pretty sad. Considering What we saw today Rosenstein should have been a witness much later on.

  7. Exactly.

    But when it comes to a “President” there isn’t any more scrutiny in an application and investigation. Well, that underling told me it was true. Did Rosenstein once tell his subordinates, “show me, we’re investigating a Presidential campaign and administration and has that EVER been done before”. Was there even one question by Senators about what steps Rosenstein took. After all, he came into the job, as he admitted, without knowing specifics. Yet this is the MOST high profile case in US history and he questioned NOTHING. Either he is complicit or a complete Idiot.

  8. Sen. Mike Crapo on Fox is a joke talking about What he’s learned. It’s Nothing. Big deal, so Rosenstein wouldn’t have done it now knowing what he knows. Oh, but they are going to dig deep. Shove It Senator. You’re all a joke.

  9. Rod Rosenstein would not have signed the spy warrant for Carter Page if he had known the coup to essentially overthrow the US government would fail and establishment cockroaches like him would be exposed.

    • He’s reached plausible deniability, with a little help from his friend, Graham. He can get by with it via McCabe because McCabe is an unreliable witness.

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