Rogan Explains Why He Pulled 71 Episodes as Obamas Enter Stage Left


Hardcore leftists Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly looking for alternatives to Spotify as their three-year deal with their production company comes close to an end.

The former president and first lady are said to be shopping around their production company Higher Ground Audio after struggling to get shows green-lit at the streaming giant, according to three industry sources, The Independent reports.

This is how intent these fascists are about controlling free speech and making everyone fall in line.

The claim is that team members from Higher Ground reportedly are frustrated with some aspects of working with Spotify. They are allegedly “finding it difficult to get additional shows off the ground.”

The Obamas are more interested in promoting new, younger voices with their platform, rather than placing the spotlight on themselves, they say.

Perhaps, but the timing is way too suspect.

They do not have any further projects in development with the company, Vanity Fair reports. The former presidential couple created several shows on the platform, including a podcast hosted by Michelle and another hosted by Barack and musician Bruce Springsteen.

We say good riddance.

The White House is pressuring Spotify to censor Rogan more. That’s wholly unAmerican.

We now know that Joe Rogan has erased 71 of his episodes. That only makes it worse. It looks bad and it tells the Left that there’s blood in the water. They’ll come in for the kill.

Apparently, he used the ‘n’ word but his haters took it out of context so it sounds terrible. That’s why he pulled the episodes. We still don’t think he should pull them so people can hear for themselves.

This is Rogan’s explanation:


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This is the clip:

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