Roger Stone Says Mueller Will Seek an Indictment of Donald Trump Jr.



In an interview with James Miller at the Political Insider, a conservative online magazine, Roger Stone said he believes Donald Trump Jr. will be arrested by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for lying. Stone is a friend of the Trump family and he himself is looked looke at closely by the Special Counsel.

“I [predict], based on excellent sourcing, that the special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump Jr. with lying to the FBI,” Stone told James Miller. “Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting.”

Who are these sources and is Mueller’s office leaking?

That comment comes in at about 15:28 on the video below. He said Trump Jr. won’t be charged for holding the Trump Tower meeting because there was nothing illegal about that meeting.

Stone added that the only things questionable about the Trump Tower meeting was how the Russian lawyer at the meeting got a visa from the Obama administration and why she met with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson before and after the Trump Tower meeting.

He also talked about the hacking or leaking of the DNC and the Seth Rich controversy but we have not seen proof so far that Seth Rich was involved.

The issue of Donald Jr. being indicted came up again at about 18:00.


There isn’t any information indicating that Donald Jr. has met with the FBI or there is any desire to set up such a meeting. However, Conservative One America News Network correspondent Jack Posobiec said he is hearing that Mueller will claim Donald Jr. lied to Congress.

James Comey, the IRS elite, Eric Holder and so many others lied to Congress with impunity. It is hard to believe lying to Congress, even if true, would be much of an issue. It would be ironic if it’s only a problem when Donald Jr. does it.

In September 2017, The Political Wire wrote:

Donald Trump Jr. told Congress “he was not aware of what role, if any, his father might have played in drafting an early explanation of the meeting that was widely criticized as misleading,” the Washington Post reports.

“Sen. Christopher Coons (D-DE), did not respond to a request for comment after the hearing, but his office later distributed a memorandum of federal statutes prohibiting lying to Congress, suggesting them as something ‘to keep in mind regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony today.’”

Blumenthal didn’t believe Donald Jr. but Stolen Valor Blumnethal is not a very honest broker. In May of this year, NBC News reported:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said Trump Jr. “evaded and contradicted himself in many of his answers” and should appear again, this time under oath.

“I have no confidence that he has told the whole truth,” Blumenthal said.

“One of the blatant potential untruths here is about his conversations with his father about this Trump Tower meeting.”

Democrats want to find some reason to impeach Trump, hurt his family, and destroy Republicans at the polls. They will say anything.

Many people are engaged in guesswork and who knows who these sources are. However, if Donald Jr. is arrested, that might be a bridge too far. Mueller is desperate to push the President to the brink. It would also push his supporters too far.

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