Romney proposes $1K monthly handout to every adult American for virus relief


Mitt Romney joined the Yang Gang Monday morning with a handout announcement. He proposes that every American adult gets $1,000 monthly during the virus crisis.

Huh? I don’t need $1,000, don’t give it to me and every American adult. No payroll tax cut, but handing out $1,000 makes sense?

“Every American adult should immediately receive $1,000 to help ensure families and workers can meet their short-term obligations and increase spending in the economy,” Romney said. He wants them to get this every month until the crisis ends.

That is the communist Universal Basic Income, and we are $23.5 trillion in debt.

White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow told Monday said the administration “might” get behind new proposals to give cash to American households.

“We’ve got the, you know, in the bill, there are provisions and was also executive authorities for short term unemployment insurance or compensation. That’s a possibility,” he said.

It sounds like they are preparing for a depression.

Communista Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was right on it:


“The House coronavirus response package contains critical measures to help families in Utah and across the nation in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, and the Senate should act swiftly on this legislation,” Romney announced in a press release Monday.

“We also need to urgently build on this legislation with additional action to help families and small businesses meet their short-term financial obligations, ease the financial burden on students entering the workforce, and protect health workers on the front lines and their patients by improving telehealth services. I will be pushing these measures as senate discussions continue about an additional relief package” said Romney.

He proposed two economic relief measures, one for every American adult, and one for small businesses.

“Every American should immediately receive $1,000 to help ensure families and workers can meet their short-term obligations and increase spending in the economy. Congress took similar action during the 2001 and 2008 recessions. While expansions of paid leave, unemployment insurance, and SNAP benefits are crucial, the check will help fill the gaps for Americans that may not quickly navigate different government options,” said Romney.

For small businesses, the fake Republican senator proposes that the Small Business Administration provide “bridge grants” to businesses that apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loans but do not receive them.

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