Indications are that warm weather won’t stop the Wuhan Virus


The warm weather might not stop this new coronavirus, according to a new report from Reuters. The relatively low rate of infection in Southeast Asia gave hope this would be the case. Unfortunately, “countries from Indonesia to Thailand to Malaysia and the Philippines have recorded their highest rate of infections in recent days as testing has ramped up.”

Wuhan, Northern Italy, parts of the United States that are experiencing the worst rates of infection have similar colder climates this time of year.

The Wuhan virus has similar traits to the flu and the hope is it will slow down in the warmer weather. There is no longer evidence that it will.

“Health experts said, rather than the hot climate, this was more down to limited testing, under-detection due to a lack of resources and more imported cases as the virus moves to multiple epicenters outside of China,” Reuters reported.

“At best, warm weather might influence the spread but it will not see the end of it,” said Dale Fisher, chair of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network coordinated by the World Health Organization.

“It is too simplistic to suggest a tropical climate can stop coronavirus because there are many other factors, like human-to-human contact which can happen very fast,” said Sugiyono Saputra, a microbiology researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

“Environmental factors may not affect the virus at all.”

Doesn’t that make you wonder more if this wasn’t a man-made virus meant for germ warfare that possibly escaped the lab in Wuhan?

This is from Reuters and they do post fake news so we will have to see if this is the case or if the Southeast Asians just had a lot of contact with Chinese people who were infected.

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