Romney Set to Betray the Republicans, Side with Democrats


The senator from Utah, Mitt Romney is poised to betray his fellow Republicans, the Constitution, and the President.

The Hill reports he says “it is very likely” he will support the calling of witnesses.

He added that he will wait for the conclusion of the Republicans’ counter before he makes his final decision.

“I think it’s very likely I’ll be in favor of witnesses, but I haven’t made a decision finally yet and I won’t until the testimony is completed,” the Utah Republican said Saturday after the first day of the Trump team’s opening arguments, CNN reported.

He won’t comment on how he thinks it is going so far, but, obviously, if he wants witnesses, that says a lot.

Romney wouldn’t even comment on whether he thought the Trump attorneys were effective.

He was one of the first to say he wanted to hear from disgruntled ex-employee John Bolton. The President won’t let Bolton testify. He will assert executive privilege. It will go to the courts and this will drag on, as the Democrats hope, until November.

GOP-RINO Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) have also both indicated an openness to hearing from further witnesses.

Romney must have missed yesterday’s testimony when the attorneys demolished the Democrat House Managers. The leftist press is fawning all over him today.

Name a more useless politician than Romney — can you?



  1. what a worm He’s still smarting over Trump winning instead of him. but he has only himself to blame for the lack luster campaign he ran against obama. I hope the voters of Utah have realized their mistake and remove this sulking politician out of their senate we need more emotionally mature senators in congress not jealous whiners.

    • I’m pleased he did not win! It would have been DC Dictator business as usual if Rino Rom had won. The country would have continued on the path to Globalism and Agenda 21 as Clinton, Bush 1 & 2, the GOP, Dims and Obama supported. The last term of ObaNAZI helped many more patriots see the Dims and Repubs as to who they really were.

  2. Well you do that and you will not be in Washington much longer…You know as well as I do Our President Is the best we ever had.

  3. I CANNOT STAND LOSERS who won’t admit what LOSERS they ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!!!

    Those of us who have participated in SPORTS, {and POLITICS is “THE BLOOD SPORT” of ALL sports)!!, KNOW what losing feels like, AND, we DO determine to WIN if possible, BUT we DON”T moan, grown, & try to cause (OTHERS, that ARE winners), to loose!!

    That’s the attitude of a “SPOIL SPORT” or WORSE!!!

    Romney the “RUMMY” hasn’t quit TRYING to be the “KING of the HILL” since his 1st loss!!! NOW! Here he is TRYING to undermine a man who has WON more times, (&, in harder spheres of competition), than “RUMMY” ever will! BUT!

    SADLY, CICERO was 110% CORRECT about the “enemy spy” within the gate!

    HE is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than the enemies without the gate!! AND! Such a devious SPY, ALSO bears a CONCEALED KNIFE!! BE AWARE! BEWARE! PREpare, & TAKE CARE!!

  4. NOPE! Can’t really name a WORSE excuse of a LOSER!!

    BUT I don’t think the “DEMwitz” consider him useless…THEY KNOW what he’s ALL ABOUT!!! AND! It’s NOT for “We the People’s” GOOD!!!……………..BE AWARE!! BE VERY AWARE!

  5. Calm down. This is great. REPs get all their witnesses including the B’s and DEMs get all theirs. The Senate will be tied to their desks until November or longer. Nothing will get done, the primaries and election will take place without them and we will see who blinks first. Bring it on!!

  6. The junior senator Romney really is bitter over losing an election. And I thought he was a nice guy at one point, but would have been worthless as a President.. Another RINO..

  7. I have become convinced that the Democrats knew they had no case from the beginning. They utterly failed in the House to present a case, but want the Senate Democrats to do what the House failed to do.. Republicans who fall for this ploy are stupid, and need to change parties so we will know where they stand We do not need a circus. We do need the Senate to address the two articles they received from the House. Period.

  8. What is this guys problem? I think he wanted a Cabinet Post and Trump told him to take a Hike. Romney will only discredit himself further.

  9. Romney is trying to take revenge on President Trump for:
    1) Getting elected president;
    2) Rejecting his bid to be Secretary of State.

    This man, who was once held up to the nation as the perfect model of moral, ethical, and gentlemanly conduct, has proved himself to be the exact opposite.

  10. The people of Utah need to reconsider their choice of ‘Mitts’ as a senator. He has shown himself to be less interested in working for his constiuents than for his own political ends. He needs to go. Now.
    Just sayin’.

  11. Mitt Romney is a Republican in name only (RINO). We hope his constituents kick his a** out of the Senate. He’s a traitor I wish I would’ve known him better when I voted for him, during his run for the White house; I would’ve stayed home.

  12. The people chose their President , and will re elect him as well. Whats your problem ? Mitt whats the real problem. You’re not opposing the republicans, as you know full well, so whats the real problem ? ehh ?

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