Romney Votes with Democrats to Keep Masks on 2-Year-Olds


The Senate just passed a Resolution to end the CDC mask mandate in planes and airports. Mitt Romney was the only “Republican” to vote ‘NO’.

Mitt Romney also just voted with Democrats to keep masks on toddlers. He voted with Democrat senators on the Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions Committee to approve a rule that keeps the mask mandate for toddlers in a federal early learning program.

Under the rule, effective Nov. 30, 2021, all Head Start participants 2 years of age and older are subject to “universal masking” with the aim of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Head Start staff and volunteers are also required to be vaccinated.

COVID has waned. What’s the point?

Republicans on the committee tried to get rid of the mandate.

The vote was 12-10 on Tuesday.

Romney was the only Republican to join Democrats. Why doesn’t he just become a Democrat?

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1 year ago

Romney is one of the reasons I question President Trump’s judgment. He not only endorsed this worthless stiff, but also went out and campaigned for him.

1 year ago

There are ZERO Studies showing absolutely no benefit for “mask” against viruses and Dozens of Military Studies spanning over 100 years confirming Mask don’t work. Why are we letting Politicians commit mass child abuse? State AGs should be arresting politicians and so called health workers for this kind of child abuse, even it they are Congressmen!

Still the Meanest
Still the Meanest
1 year ago

Mittens for historic cluelessness czar!
Pence/Mittens for the Grand Old Politburo wrestling chair throw 2024?

O/T-Reading about Ukraine 18-19 year old conscripts and the “worlds deadliest sniper” volunteer from Canada lasted 20 minutes after posting his face and gear online.