Lindsey: Joe’s “as good a man as God ever created”


He {President Biden} is the nicest person I’ve ever met in politics. He is as good a man as God ever created.

~Lindsey Graham


Warmonger Lindsey Graham is pushing for the US to do more for Ukraine even as Russia appears to have control of the entire East. Fox war correspondent Steve Harrigan just returned from Ukraine and said the war is basically over.

Graham doesn’t like it when the war option is taken off the table and even became angry with his good friend, Joe Biden.

“I find it despicable, unacceptable to deny the Ukrainian people the ability to control their own skies. … [Biden is] AWOL. He agreed. On March 6th, the secretary of state said that we would greenlight a transfer of MiGs, Polish MiGs into Ukraine. We were OK with that. A few days later, when Poland asked us to be part of the transfer, we folded like a cheap suit. What I think happened is that the Russians told Biden and his team that if you send these MiGs in, that will be an escalation and they were intimidated by Putin. We can’t let Putin determine who’s in NATO. We can’t let Putin determine what we do to help the Ukraine. So no, I think the president folded like a cheap suit.”

Folding like a cheap suit? That’s an expression from the last century.

And, just to straighten out the record on Poland and MiGs, Poland didn’t ask the US to be part of the transfer of MiGs. They wisely said they wouldn’t do it alone and would bring the planes to Ramstein airbase in Germany. Someone else was going to have to bring them to Ukraine. That’s how it went down.

You can hear him call Biden as “good a man as God ever created” in the second clip.

Watch (if the video doesn’t show up, it can be seen here):

Graham is angry with his good friend, Joe Biden, the nicest person in politics, the good a man as God ever created.

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enn ess
enn ess
1 year ago

Ever notice how none of the people in control of this circus have anything personally vested in the outcome, such as kids, relatives, reputations on the line, but every one of them stand to profit financially from whatever outcome there is. They don’t care as long as you and I and the rest of the worlds dirt dwelling peasants working for a living pay for it. Follow the money.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

There is no more obvious tool of the corrupt US DOD/MIC/Intel than Graham.

He is one of the RINOs who have destroyed the credibility of the GOP.

Dullards in SC vote for him because he was in the reserves. Any primary opponent would be met with massive opposition from the corrupt GOP in the form of money and media smears.

Graham’s positions are similar to media/pop culture/establishment positions. All of those things want to destroy the USA. This is what the dullards vote for.

1 year ago

I guess he just miscalculated a tiny bit when he went there and said Ukraine would take on Moscow, with his help. About 150 militia took on an entire Azov battalion at Saur Mogila and wiped them out. Out of that militia around 17 survived. And these aren’t the well trained, well armed Russian forces.

1 year ago

Graham should be forced to sit and watch Ukrainian Agony, filmed by a German journalist. Then maybe he will hold his moralistic tongue. This is Unedited and real life of war in The Donbass.

MiG-31 Foxhound
MiG-31 Foxhound
1 year ago

Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker vs MiG-29?
Kaputski, comrade.
Sukhoi Pak-FA vis MiG-29?