Ron Klain Does His Impersonation of Kim Jong-un on MSNBC


Here is more North Korean propaganda from Biden’s brain, Ron Klain, for the dummies who don’t research a thing and buy everything they hear from the MSM or the Democrat politicians. This degree of lying is worthy of the worst totalitarian regime in the making. That is what is happening here.

“The price of gas has come down dramatically,” Klain says.

The truth is gas has gone down a little due to Democrats draining our emergency reserves. Diesel is going up fast and is in short supply. Rationing has already begun in the Northeast.

He said prices are going down. That’s half true since it’s still very high.’s only better until gas goes up after the election. Biden kept all the inflationary policies, and Democrats are still spending wildly.

Real income isn’t going up at the same rate as inflation, so higher salaries are not the solution.


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