Pope Benedict Might Be Signaling That He Is the True Pope


Pope Benedict might be sending out signals that he is the real and true Pope. I believe he is. The leftist forces in the Vatican wanted him out ostensibly because he was too old to do the job. They said it was time for him to retire. Meanwhile, he’s in better shape than Pope Francis, the Red Pope.

Pope Benedict

Italian journalist and author Andrea Cionci maintains that, in reality, Benedict XVI remains the sole legitimate Pope. Moreover, Pope Benedict has been communicating that “as circumstances allow.”

Cionci argues, Pope Benedict XVI has retreated into an Impeded See and, as a result, is limited in his ability to communicate “with the outside world from his situation of confinement.”

The Impeded See governs his freedoms.

So when Benedict XVI read his startling Declaratio in February of 2013, it was taken as a straightforward renunciation of the Papacy. His adversaries within the Church and the media either didn’t notice or downplayed the imprecision, ambiguities, and errors it intentionally contained.

But his statement, interpreted properly, was an indirect announcement that he was going into a state of self-exile in an Impeded See. He was giving up the active role of governance that exclusively befits a Pope because his opposition was so intense and pervasive that he couldn’t practically exercise it anyhow.  But he did not renounce the Papacy.

Benedict XVI purposely composed his Declaratio to resemble a renunciation to entice would-be usurpers hostile to fixed tenets of Catholic faith and morals in a manner that would ensure he remained de jure the Pope, even though he would cease being the de facto Pope.

This information comes from FrontPage Magazine. Read the rest on this link.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

He is the real pope.

The Church had a coup, as we did in 2020. Hillary and Barry spoke ominously of the need for a big change in the Church in the months before it happened. That indicates foreknowledge. It reminds me of Hillary foretelling a big Trump scandal late in the campaign. That was the Intel operation to frame Trump as a Russian agent. Hillary can only know these things by being an insider of the elitist schemes. In both coups, the NWO benefitted greatly.

1 year ago

We think our Politics is Corrupt; the Catholic Church has much bigger issues!