Ron Perlman Calls Gov. De Santis a “Nazi Pig”, Among Other Things


Ron Perlman might be one of the dopiest actors in Hollywood in a place just full of them. Instead of checking to see what the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill is about, he cursed and ranted about it being a “Don’t Say Gay” bill, showing the world just how ignorant he is. He called Governor DeSantis a “Nazi pig”, a “piece of s…” and so on.

This guy is a jerk:

The Bill does not say “don’t say gay” anything nor does it mention “gay” or any other specific sexual orientation. It limits the discussion of sexuality in K-3 as part of the curriculum. It also advocates for more transparency of curriculum to parents.

He’s not alone in his condemnation of the bill. Democrats are going nuts over it but they either didn’t read the bill or they’re lying.

Oregon Governor Brown is also pathetic:


CS/CS/HB 1557: Parental Rights in Education

Parental Rights in Education; Requires district school boards to adopt procedures that comport with certain provisions of law for notifying student’s parent of specified information; requires such procedures to reinforce fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding upbringing & control of their children; prohibits school district from adopting procedures or student support forms that prohibit school district personnel from notifying parent about specified information or that encourage student to withhold from parent such information; prohibits school district personnel from discouraging or prohibiting parental notification & involvement in critical decisions affecting student’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being; prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels; requires school districts to notify parents of healthcare services; authorizes parent to bring action against school district to obtain declaratory judgment; provides for additional award of injunctive relief, damages, & reasonable attorney fees & court costs to certain parents.

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