“Bravo!” Utah Dr. Charged for Destroying COV Vaccines, Faking Vax Cards


A baby who is vaccinated but was it wise? Dr. Moore didn’t think so.

East Idaho News reports that a Utah plastic surgeon, his neighbor, and two others are facing charges after allegedly giving people fake vaccination cards and destroying government-provided COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58, and his neighbor, Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59, have been hit with some heavy charges. One charge was conspiracy to defraud the United States. They are also charged with conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property, conversion sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.

The Plastic Institute of Utah Inc., office manager Kari Dee Burgoyne, 52, and receptionist Sandra Flores, 31, face the same charges.


Sometimes, the parents requested saline shots from Dr. Moore. They didn’t want the children to know they didn’t get the shots.

“By allegedly falsifying vaccine cards and administering saline shots to children instead of COVID-19 vaccines, not only did this provider endanger the health and well-being of a vulnerable population but also undermined public trust and the integrity of federal health care programs,” said Special Agent in Charge with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General Curt L. Muller.

That’s ironic, given all the fraud from the CDC, FDA, Pfizer, and Moderna over these vaccinations, especially regarding children. The cost-benefit analysis of the adverse effects of taking the vaccine does not appear to warrant the vaccination of children.

The fake vaccine cards were sold for a $50 donation to an unnamed medical organization that wanted “to ‘liberate’ the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.”

“Throughout the scheme, the group reported the names of all the vaccine seekers to the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System, indicating that the practice had administered 1,937 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, which included 391 pediatric doses.”

The children’s parents knew the shots were saline.

Dr. Panda weighed in on substack.

“Although this is a huge malpractice issue people shouldn’t be in a position for this even to be an option. I say bravo! For the millionth time, the risk of death from COVID-19 in children is near ZERO. The adults and parents clearly did not think the risks of a non-functional vaccine were worth it.”

“Did the doctor save lives?”

“How many more places did something like this?”

At least those children didn’t have heart attacks. If Dr. Moore was attempting to protect children from the vaccine, perhaps he should be granted leniency.

According to The Epoch Times, the government is seeking forfeiture of all remaining COVID-19 vaccine doses in Moore’s possession, all remaining vaccination cards, and a judgment of $124,878.

Maybe there should be a judgment against all those who forced vaccines on children – to be fair.

The defendants will make their initial court appearances on Jan. 26.

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