Ronna McDaniel Defends Her Record – Sort Of


Laura Ingraham had Ronna McDaniel on the ropes when she asked her about her record and criticisms of her leadership.

“Vivek and others are saying that under your leadership, Republicans have lost election after election and positing the question, you know, why should you retain your job, given the track record of the party under your leadership?” Ingraham asked.

Among other things, she said we need to talk about Joe Biden.

“And I do think Republican voters, and I hear this echoed all the time, are tired of the circular firing squad within our party. And they’re saying, can we please talk about Joe Biden and the Democrats and the border and fentanyl and crime and what’s happening to our kids and inflation? But I’ll definitely defend my record as chair.”

“Listen, when Vivek didn’t vote in 2016, I was leading Michigan to the first win in history in 30 years. In 2018, we defied the odds. We got three senators, people like Josh Hawley, that allowed President Trump to build the largest conservative majority on the Supreme Court.,” the RNC chair went on to say.

“In 2022, the RNC, which is a turnout machine, right? We’re not the messengers. We don’t create the messages for the campaigns. Those are the consultants who get very well paid.”

Ingraham pointed out that Republicans were outspent by roughly $8 million in Virginia, and Virginia political operatives told the program that promised assistance from the RNC never came.

See what you think of McDaniel’s answer:

“Glenn Youngkin did a phenomenal job and he raised a lot of money. A lot of people don’t understand fundraising. I can’t raise state dollars. I don’t get unlimited convention and state dollars. These were state house and state senate races, the RNC is a federal committee. So I mean, come on. These are people who come after me all the time,” McDaniel stated.

“They’re on Twitter, they’re all the time. And let’s see their results. What did they do in Virginia? How much money did they get? But let me stand by something else. In 2022, we took back the House. And the RNC is part of that. We’re building the road. And we’re launching Bank Your Vote, we’ve got to do that. We need people to vote early.”


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