Ruble’s Doing Great- US Imports of Russian Goods Increase


Russia lost its flagship to a country that doesn’t have a navy. The New York Times reports that Ukrainians were able to destroy it with US intelligence. It was also US weaponry. The Pentagon denies it was involved although they admit to the intelligence sharing and weaponry deliveries. The approved narrative is Russia is allegedly losing the war to an inferior Ukraine military because of the spirit of their fighting men. The story is as fishy as the sea.

Sanctions are working though. Oh, wait. The ruble is now at a two-year high against the dollar, and the US is buying more Russian goods than ever.

Since March — Russia invaded on February 24th — U.S. imports of Russian goods increased, according to newly released data from the Census Bureau, CNS reports.

But we’re off Russian oil, right?

Just the News reported “The Job Creators Network, a small business advocacy organization, launched a campaign on Wednesday to bring “attention to the state’s reliance on foreign oil,” according to a press release.

“Four billboards in Bakersfield, and one in Sacramento, boast messages such as ‘HEY GAVIN, Wish you loved American oil as much as you love your truffle oil,’ in a reference to Newsom’s COVID dining scandal at an upscale French Laundry restaurant.

“One billboard says, ‘HEY GOVERNOR Why do you prefer getting oil from Russia rather than California?’

“A mobile billboard will be circling the California State House in Sacramento.”

Forbes reported that “According to an analysis of California Air Resources Board data, California imports 58.7% of the oil it consumes from outside the U.S. Nearly half of this foreign crude imported into California goes through the Strait of Hormuz. In fact, California now has more crude coming in through the Strait of Hormuz than it produces.”

They could drill their own, but climate crazies say no. He could import from Mexico or Canada, but why do that when they can buy oil from the enemy?

The EU has its troubles too. It has ramped up energy purchases, importing natural gas from Russia at a premium because of its urgent need to fill storage facilities before either winter comes or Russia turns all the gas taps off due to importers refusal to pay in rubles. Russia wants to get paid.

Data from Reuters shows that inventories are currently filling up faster than previously expected. According to statistics, requests for Russian gas deliveries to Europe hit a five-month high this month. LNG imports have also been on the rise.

That’s a plus for Russia as they look for better partners with the intention of dumping the West permanently one day.

This was Biden in March declaring the collapse of the ruble and that the US won’t go to war:

As our borders are wide open and America – as we know it  -is destroyed:

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