Ministry of Truth’s Mayorkas Didn’t Know About the Csar’s Precious TikToks


DHS Secretary Mayorkas approved the Ministry of Truth, also known as the Disinformation Governance Board. However, he claims he was unaware that the person selected to lead the department once called Hunter Biden’s laptop Russian disinformation.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday insisted he didn’t know. He’s really on top of things, isn’t he?

While testifying before the Senate Appropriations Committee, he was grilled over the hiring of Nina Jankowicz as the DHS’ “disinformation czar” and the board she will run that has been dubbed the “ministry of truth” by anyone with any sense.

Mayorkas told Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) that he doesn’t know if DHS has any records on the Disinformation Governance Board because “the board has not yet met.”

However, Nina Jankowicz said she worked on the board secretly for “the past two months.” Did she keep it secret from the ever-alert Mayorkas or is he lying again?

Rand Paul Leveled the Disinformation Chief

Rand Paul blasted Mayorkas saying he doesn’t want the Biden Cabinet member anywhere near making decisions involving speech. “We can’t even agree what disinformation is. I don’t want guardrails. I want you to have nothing to do with speech,” the senator said. “You think we can’t determine, you know, speech by traffickers is disinformation. Do you think the American people are so stupid they need you to tell them what the truth is?” Paul asked. “You can’t even admit what the truth is with the Steele Dossier. I don’t trust government to figure out what the truth is. Government is largely disseminating disinformation”.


He has that right. Perhaps this Disinformation Board, which is clearly unconstitutional, was just set up to distract us from the larger problems, such as Biden is getting us into a hot war with Russia. It’s garbage and he’s wasting our time.


Oh wait, he claims he’s clueless, not a liar.

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