Rudy Giuliani Was Slapped in a Staten Island ShopRite


A grocery store worker on Staten Island was arrested Sunday after hitting Rudy Giuliani while the former mayor campaigned for his son, a GOP candidate for governor. Giuliani said in an interview that the man said, “You’re going to kill women.”

In a brief interview, Mr. Giuliani said he was walking through a ShopRite grocery store in the Charleston neighborhood with supporters when the employee disparaged him and slapped his back, then made an apparent reference to abortion, The New York Times reported.

This is an excerpt from the Times report:

“The one thing he said that was political was ‘you’re going to kill women, you’re going to kill women,’” said Mr. Giuliani, who said he understood the remark to be about the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade on Friday.

The initial account shared by police did not mention abortion, but said that an unnamed 39-year-old man had slapped Mr. Giuliani in the mid-back while saying, “What’s up, scumbag?”

“This has to stop. This is getting ridiculous,” Mr. Giuliani said later Sunday afternoon. “I’ve been in politics 50 years, I’ve never been attacked like this.”

Mr. Giuliani said that he had red marks on his back, but was not bleeding and had remained on his feet after being struck. He had been planning to hand out fliers for Andrew Giuliani ahead of Tuesday’s Republican primary for governor. The younger Mr. Giuliani was not on hand.

However, his son, Andrew Giuliani later called it an assault and said that he and his father would “not be intimidated by left-wing attacks.”.

“My back hurts, but otherwise I’m able to walk and stuff like that,” the former mayor said. “He almost knocked me down. Thank God for a 78-year-old, I am in pretty good shape.”

The store said they don’t accept any form of aggression – zero tolerance.

The NY Post reports further:

“If I wasn’t, I would have hit the ground and probably cracked my skull.” 

The former federal prosecutor told The Post he felt it was his duty to call the cops — likening the decision to his tough-on-crime policies as mayor.

“I say to myself, ‘You know something? I gotta get this guy arrested,’ “I talk about ‘broken windows’ theory all the time. You can’t let the little things go.

“I’m like, ‘I’m gonna get this guy arrested as an example that you can’t do this. And I said, also, in New York, we don’t prosecute people anymore And one of the reasons I brought crime down is I didn’t ignore stuff like this.”

His son, gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani, called his dad “tough as nails.

In the clip, Mr. Giuliani looks startled but that’s all.



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