Ruining education! Cali is considering dropping entrance tests –SATs/ACTs


Officials are talking about suspending the SATs/ACTs through 2024 because of the virus which is absurd. In addition, Janet Napolitano wants them to go altogether.

University of California President Janet Napolitano on Monday said undergraduate applicants should not be required to take the SAT or ACT through at least 2024 and maybe forever if the university can not develop a replacement exam.


Her plan calls on UC to create its own entrance exam “that better aligns with the content UC expects applicants to have learned and with UC values,” according to a statement on the agenda for a UC regents meeting next week.

In a proposal posted Monday, Napolitano is recommending a complex and unusual five-year plan that would make the tests optional for two years and eliminate testing requirements for California students in Years 3 and 4. Then, in Year 5, UC would move toward a standardized assessment developed specifically for the 10-campus system.

The plan would produce rich data on which students get admitted under each strategy and how they perform in college. It could also widen access to a UC education for more disadvantaged students.


The left will completely destroy university education. They want to eliminate a universal standard that selects the brightest and most competent. In its place, they want to place people according to the color of their skin, their gender, their nationality, and any other irrelevant criteria they can come up with.

Their idea of diversity will destroy the United States.

Forget the virus, they want the tests gone. They may not be perfect but they are a good general measure of a person’s ability to achieve academic success. If they take people who are inadequate to the task — not everyone is suited to college — the standards will have to be lowered.

Napolitano’s new recommendation goes far beyond a temporary postponement (which is totally unnecessary) and also partly goes against a UC-wide faculty vote that sought to have the tests re-instated for fall 2022 entrance.

Those faculty leaders say the exam scores are able to better predict college success for wide populations of students, including minorities than high school grades can. Test opponents say the exams are biased against low-income and black and Latino students.

As an educator, I can tell you they are not biased.


This is a real lowering of standards. People who will be hurt by this are people who work hard. Not having the test encourages a poor work effort.

This is a bias against those who have earned their placement.

The hard left uses race to destroy literally everything, and the truth is they don’t a damn about black people. Black people are votes and power to them.

Everyone gets a trophy.

Read more at EdSource.

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