‘Ruling class thinks nothing of flipping us off while seizing our…wealth…’


Breitbart reporter John Hayward wrote an entire article in a series of tweets that we’ve reproduced here.  In the wake of the horrendous COV bill, he points to the truth of our current situation. And that is — our ruling class is flipping us off. Their heartless greed is the shortsightedness of “grubby little people.”

We only added headlines to his comments.


Everything about the pandemic, culminating in the Covid stimulus/budget debacle, is a painful reminder that your ruling class does not see itself as “public servants” by any stretch of the imagination. They think their calling is to control you, shape you, reeducate you.

For the ruling class, their personal fetishes and ideological obsessions are VASTLY more important than your very life. You get pocket change while they pour countless billions into everything that matters to THEM. They couldn’t be more insultingly obvious about it.


The illusion that voters have any meaningful control over the central government grows thin. Even during the worst crisis of our lifetimes, the ruling class thinks NOTHING of flipping us off while seizing our national wealth for their privileged concerns. No hesitation at all.

This is the inherent corruption of statism. People are seduced with fairy tales about wise elites making brilliant plans that deliver maximum good to the people, guiding us with a vision so much broader, deeper, and less selfish than grubby little people and greedy businesses.

But you see now, again, at a cost of trillions of dollars, the ugly truth: there is NO ONE more selfish and short-sighted than the political class in Washington. Even the robber barons of old at least built some useful stuff that outlived them.


Brilliant designs? Long-term vision? Selfless devotion to national service? Give me a damn break. Your ruling class doesn’t even LIKE this nation, for the most part, let alone feel any sense of duty towards it. All they see is loot and pillage, for themselves and their allies.

All they see when they look to the future is taxpayers yet unborn, who they can plunder today with deficit spending. They aren’t thinking any further than the next frenzied spending bill.  Their mega-government collapses in a useless heap at the first sign of real crisis.

Notice that no matter how much money they siphon out of the private sector, no matter how much deficit money they spend, they ALWAYS claim every single function of government is catastrophically underfunded whenever it’s called upon to do anything.

I call it coin-operated statism: they spend trillions building this titanic government, but if you want it to actually DO anything useful, you have to shove more cash into in the coin slot. It’s a system that only “solves” largely imaginary problems that profit the ruling class.


It’s heartless greed on a breathtaking scale, illustrated once again by the ruling class slobbering over the opportunity to exploit the pandemic for political and financial gain. It’s corruption baked in so deep that it’s hard to find anything honest left in the system.

And rest assured, nobody involved in this disgusting festival of lust and greed thinks of YOU as their “boss.” At best, you’re an obstacle to be overcome during election season. They would laugh at the notion of putting YOUR needs, priorities, or livelihood above their own.

Every single organ of the State spends all day, every day, blasting that message at us: We loathsome deplorables are miserable, everything we want is foolish and hateful, our history is filled with evil. We’re all criminals, America is a prison, politicians are the wardens.


Schools, media, popular culture, government programs – all of it sends that message. We’ve been beaten into submission. We can only register a flicker of dull surprise at times like this, when the ruling class proves once again how greedy and short-sighted it is. /end


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