Rumors of thousands pouring through our southern border hourly, many are sick


“UPDATE: Apparently I drastically undercounted the amount of migrants under this bridge on Sunday. Some Border Patrol agents reached out and told me it was well over 4,000 migrants. Just talked face to face w/ an agent who was there that day. He told me it was 5,000.

Some say it’s 2,000 an hour and they are being sent to red states.

Democrats can’t get Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to come down. The reason is obvious. This is deliberate and it’s likely an Obama-Soros operation.

A reporter asked Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez, a Democrat, if he would like President Biden to visit the Rio Grande Valley? Cortez said he has invited Biden, and that he’s “extremely disappointed he’s received absolutely zero communication from him,” reporter Julio Rosas reported.

Bill Melugin asked “a rep from Catholic Charities of the RGV how many migrants are currently quarantined in local hotels for COVID-19? He said he doesn’t know. I asked the exec. director of the charity the same question Monday. She said she was advised not to comment.”

The administration is just now setting up a tent city.

During the press conference, “local officials also admitted they don’t have the legal authority to enforce a quarantine at the hotels. They can only ask the migrants to stay inside, wear a mask, and be responsible. They said constructing this emergency tent complex will help,” Melugin said.

“The Catholic charity points out: what would happen if they weren’t there to take these migrants in and at least try to quarantine the ones who test positive? The Feds would just release them to the streets. Local officials said federal government has to do something.”

That’s a cop-out. It’s a rationalization, in my humble opinion. I’ve been a lifelong Catholic – went to Catholic schools until graduate school, used to say the rosary and novenas with my grandmother. I believe Catholic Charities is far-left and corrupt.

Julio Rosas said that the illegals find it easier to get in under Biden. He’s good for people with “low resources.”

Many are sick. Thank a Democrat. Maybe that’s why they wanted us all vaccinated?



Democrats are making us communists. They’ve given free rein to AOC, Bernie, the Squad. They’re communists.

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Conquest by Warcrab
Conquest by Warcrab
2 years ago

@ Greg,

Fellow traveler globalists all.
They don’t care about you beyond taxable unit status and once that is over, well they have a vaccine for that.

2 years ago

The Turtle minority leader, Thune and others are complaining about the infrastructure bill. What Happened Mitch, you were all praising you had “one of your own” sitting in the White House and you could “work with him”. Maybe, just maybe, YOU should have worked with Trump, instead of forcing him to use E.O.’s to fix the problems, temporarily, you bunch of Feckless, Worthless Political Hacks.

Same with this. you bunch of Feckless, Worthless Political Hacks, you did all you could to Prevent Trump from doing His Job.

2 years ago

A Nation Of Idiots Run By Idiots. The County had their public comments on “mandating” masks in the schools. There were nearly a hundred participants and it had to be close to 20:1 NOT to push the mandate. Listening to the Chairman it was Obvious where it was going. It was 5 to 2 FOR the mandate. One woman was really infuriating, It’s your civic and patriotic Duty to wear a mask. Were the “Five” wearing “effective” masks. No, the Chairman and another were wearing a “Surgical” mask and the other three wearing cloth masks. The Chairman Did admit he didn’t care What anyone in the public had to say. I sent nearly a dozen emails to the Council woman who was a staunch opponent.