Rumors of Warnings at Oxford High School Dispelled by Sheriff


In a horrific shooting today at Oxford High School in Michigan, three students were murdered and another eight people, including one teacher, are injured. A 16-year old boy and two girls, ages 14 and 17, were murdered. Among the injured is one of the teachers. Two are in surgery. Another six are stable.

A 15-year old boy is in custody. His parents told him to remain silent until they get a lawyer.

There are reports of threats or rumors that there were warnings. However, the Undersheriff said he doesn’t believe it. He has a close relationship with the Superintendent and they said nothing about warnings (Watch the Sheriff’s update at the end).

In this scene, the shooter is trying to convince the students he is a sheriff, but they didn’t fall for it and escape through a window.

This appears to be incorrect:

On November 11th, graffiti on the school and a deer head found in the high school courtyard resulted in a police response. The Undersheriff said the deer head is a totally unrelated incident.

The Undersheriff stated that there were no warnings in this update.

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2 years ago

There are always warnings, but people refuse to listen. In the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School case Nikolas Cruz had the police visit his house over 2 dozen times and the FBI was warned twice. High School shootings are nothing new, but the mass shooting aspect is. We used to have adults that taught in schools an listened to students. We used to identity problem children and potentially violent students and sent them to reform schools. Today we teach students that America is Bad, your skin color will determine your future, and there is no God, so there is no heaven or hell. What did you expect the results of this kind of stupidity would be?

Klaxon Siren Alarm
Klaxon Siren Alarm
2 years ago

There will be warnings and rumors of warnings.