Rush says Trump will win Arizona & Pennsylvania, putting him over the top


Update at the end

Rush Limbaugh said on his show today that President Trump will win Arizona, despite the fact that the state has been called by many for Joe Biden. It is possible. We have the counts and there are still a lot of ballots not counted.

These numbers change as the votes come in so the following is as of noon.

There are about 440,000 ballots remaining in counties won by Trump in 2016 and 80,000 in counties won by Clinton.  Trump is roughly 100,000 votes behind Biden. That does put Arizona in a possible win column for Donald Trump.

We need to watch this.

The state of Pennsylvania looks like a possible win for Donald Trump. There are concerns that there will be cheating. Much of that is based on the fact that Judge Emmett Sullivan, who has been very antagonistic towards General Flynn, has ordered a sweep of post offices searching for a possible missing 300,000 ballots.

President Trump is still far ahead of Joe Biden in the state at the current time.

The Governor of Pennsylvania said the election is being handled honestly and correctly. It will be fair and free of outside influences.

The Trump campaign believes they won Wisconsin and Michigan and a Michigan win will be announced shortly.

There is some talk of Wisconsin having more votes than registered voters. However, that’s not true yet, but it does show an awful lot of people voting.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks there will be a lot of cheating based on the fact that it’s so heavily vote-by-mail. That’s her opinion at this point. However, delays are always suspect.

Radio show host, author, and constitutional lawyer, Mark Levin put out his opinion in a series of tweets today:

It’s interesting to note that some media have taken Arizona down from the Biden column for now.

This organization broke down the remaining votes as of 2:12 pm:

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