Rush’s Wingman: Left’s Goal — Ultimate Destruction of Conservatives


James Golden interviewed with Steve Bannon recently. James Golden is Bo Snerdley, Rush’s wingman, who has a new book out, Rush on the Radio. Golden also hosts a radio show. During his interview with Steve Bannon, he said that it’s just inconceivable to him that when the Democrats were failing, thirteen Republicans came in with a lifeline and voted for the $1.2 trillion bill. Biden and Harris were in big trouble and these thirteen rescued them.

He mentioned the Staten Island Rep. Malliotakis saying she voted for it because she wanted to “teach the Squad a lesson.” Golden found that incomprehensible.

As he said, why don’t they understand that Democrats don’t want to be their friends. Democrats’ only objective is to destroy their party and conservatism.

He says all thirteen should be primaried with strong candidates. These people cannot serve as Republicans.

As Mr. Golden said, Democrats don’t want to be your friend. They want to destroy you.

What do you think?


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