Russia Bounty Story Implodes, they’re looking for the leaker


A senior CIA officer never briefed President Trump about the Russia bounty claims from a Taliban jihadist because she doubted the story. We were also previously told it was nonactionable intelligence.

This is another no-never-mind story from the NY Times and their sources.

A crimes report was filed by the CIA with the Department of Justice over a leak, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said Wednesday.

Good, find the person and prosecute! This leak alerted the Russians and they will now cover their tracks if it’s true.

“We have seen targeted leaks of classified information against this President, and it is irresponsible: phone calls with foreign leaders, meetings with government officials, and now reports of alleged intelligence. Make no mistake: This damages our ability, as a nation, to collect intelligence,” she said.

“Some leaker took it upon themselves in an effort to attack the president, or to maybe promote some policy agenda, to leak allegations that now make it almost impossible for us to find out what happened,”  O’Brien said

The leak stated that Russia was offering bounties to kill U.S. soldiers and the President was briefed. As it turns out, that isn’t true.


A senior career CIA official made the decision not to have President Donald Trump briefed on the raw intelligence.

“She made that decision because she didn’t have confidence in the intelligence that came up,” O’Brien said.

“She made that call. And you know what? I think she made the right call, so I’m not going to criticize her. Knowing the facts that I know now, I stand behind that call,” he added.

The raw intelligence was leaked to the New York Times, which falsely reported that Trump was briefed on it and chose not to do anything, according to intelligence officials.

“That was a hoax, and there’s no question about it,” O’Brien said.

So, Russia 3.0 is a bomb. The fake news media will continue to try beefing it up, but it has to fizzle. There is no substance to it.





  1. The whole story is silly. It’s just another arrow slung at Trump by the coup. Trump had lots of sanctions against Russia already, so what more could he do? Responding to a silly rumor, one of many, if he were told, would be silly. Russia & the USA were cooperating on iSIS in Syria. We know the defense people hated that.

    I remember when Betrayer Sessions vowed to catch leakers. He caught ZERO. But some have been exposed, with no action. Barr spoke of catching leakers, he prosecuted one, a low level young lady, she exposed herself, big deal. Prosecution of a leak like this, a high level, dangerous leak, from someone in intelligence who could do a lot of damage, is nearly impossible with a person of such low quality as Barr as the USA AG.

  2. These democrat dregs will stoop to new lows to destroy this President, no matter whether it’s true or not. They are afraid of being exposed of their deep stats corruption.

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