Russia & OPEC to Crush Biden’s Dumb Effort to Lower Prices


The mainstream media praised Joe Biden up and down for releasing oil from the strategic reserves that Donald Trump had purchased at a very low price.

Somehow, they thought this meaningless effort would lower gas prices. The press, who said Biden couldn’t control gas prices despite him causing the price increases, then praised him for lowering gas prices.

Only it won’t happen because Russia and OPEC, who he blamed for the problems he caused, will cancel production increases to offset any advantage to releasing the reserves.

As if that isn’t enough, the law requires refilling the strategic oil reserves and he will have to do it with far more expensive oil.

We have the stupidest leaders in the world, literally. Biden and his cabal are so incredibly dumb, it defies all reason how they got to run the country.



  1. Biden’s leftist advisers used the reserve ploy for political purposes only. It is 2 weeks of oil for the USA. Other nations laugh at us, justifiably. They will not alter their production plans to satisfy such corrupt people and a senile Biden.

    Biden got to run the country because of the corrupt cowards Barr and Mitch, with help from 2 republican governors, 5 republican state legislatures, and a corrupt SCOTUS. It defies all reason why it was allowed, when the steal was obvious November 4th. The enormous consequences of it should have been obvious at that time. The USA is having irreparable damage done. Recovery is unlikely. In 2024, when repubs take the house, the speaker will be the former right hand man of Ryan, a major saboteur of the Trump agenda and the house majority. The game was over January 6th. It was the last good chance to save the USA.

  2. Yea, a whole let less road tripping which is bunk. Gas has almost doubled since the summer of 2020 Happy Motoring fest, glad I enjoyed it and I miss honking at the Trump sign by Harden Longfellow Park up North.
    So beautiful up there at the border and beyond, Lake country.

  3. Biden is shutting down oil to force Americans to buy electric cars, and batteries and components are all made in China and China owns the mines needed to make batteries, so expect an inflationary depression with the balance of trade and jobs being in China’s favor.

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