Russia Warns Pilots: Someone’s Spoofing, Jamming US GPS


Russian newspaper Izvestia reported Friday that a letter from the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) instructed national airlines to be aware of “GPS failures, degradations, and abnormal performance,” according to RT.

Russia’s regulator told carriers to be prepared to fly without the US Global Positioning System.

In mid-March, Dmitry Rogozin, the director-general of Roscosmos and former deputy prime minister of Russia, said the US considered disconnecting Russia from the GPS. He said it would be hard for the US to do it. For example, Boeing planes can’t run without it.

They also referenced a March report by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), warning of increased cases of jamming and spoofing of the system’s signal after February 24th. That’s the day of the invasion of Ukraine.

Several Russian carriers, including Aeroflot and S7, have received FATA’s letter. So far, they haven’t encountered GPS issues since the invasion of Ukraine.

RT writes: Since Western sanctions are pushing Russia closer to China as a multi-polar world emerges, perhaps if the US decides to kick Russian commercial jets off GPS, they could gravitate to a Chinese version.

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