Russian Military Entered a US Air Base in Niger–US DOS Lied


[Reuters reports] Russian military personnel have entered a US air base in Niger. This follows a decision by Niger’s junta to expel U.S. forces. We knew this in April but the US State Department covered it up.

Some reports say they are the Russian Wagner forces.

Niger was an EU centerpiece. The World Economic Forum was interested in its resources.

The military officers ruling the West African nation have told the U.S. to withdraw its nearly 1,000 military personnel from the country, which, until a coup last year, had been a key partner for Washington’s fight against insurgents who have killed thousands of people and displaced millions more.



A senior U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Russian forces were not mingling with U.S. troops but were using a separate hangar at Airbase 101.

“The Russians are in a separate compound and don’t have access to U.S. forces or access to our equipment,” Austin told a press conference in Honolulu.

It also raises questions about the fate of U.S. installations in the country following a withdrawal.

They want us out. It is over given our leadership.

It’s menacing and sending a message. Russia and China are moving into Africa and pushing a weakened US out. Niger told us to get out in March.

Why is Niger especially important? The World Economic Forum and Western Leadership aligned to control energy development on the African continent. In addition to vast mineral deposits, there are oil and natural gas interests.

Rep. Matt Gaetz told us this in April:

They covered it up because it’s another Biden disaster. Niger is a key location in Africa.

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