NY Gov Hochul Celebrates Doing Nothing Much for Retail Workers


Governor Kathy Hochul is celebrating a bill that allegedly increases protections for retail workers. Hochul said people thought no one cared about them, but she assures us they do. According to her, crime is down.

“Here in New York, we are standing up to organized retail theft, backing our businesses and their workers with the full force of the law, and restoring that sense of security and peace of mind so they can focus on what they do best,” Hochul said.

Are people falling for this?

The bill increases criminal penalties for anyone who assaults a retail worker. There are also tax credits available for business owners to install security cameras, and $40 million is being spent on dedicated retail theft teams.

The Changes in Land of the Woke

  • Prosecutors can once again combine the value of stolen goods.
  • You can’t beat up retail workers any longer and just get a ticket. It is now back to being a felony if they cause physical injury.
  • What good are cameras when thieves are immediately released from prison? They won’t likely even be arrested.
  • Forty million will be spent on underfunded departments to set up dedicated Retail Theft Teams within State Police, District Attorneys’ offices, and local law enforcement, including 100 New York State Police personnel dedicated to fighting organized retail theft.

In New York City alone, shoplifting has occurred in almost every grocery store. Sixty percent of those are burglarized every day. That’s just grocery stores. Anything you want to buy in New York City is more expensive than anywhere else because of theft, and it’s behind locked cases.

She needs to get rid of bail reform, but she won’t do that.

If you can stomach it, she will explain in a word salad of adjectives how much our dear leaders care about us here in New York. She wants people to believe that the crime wave is because they clamped down on more serious crimes. Listen for just a minute, but have a barf bag handy.

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