Russian President Putin May or May Not Have Cancer


Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly set to undergo cancer surgery. He is reportedly temporarily handing power over to a brutal former federal police chief.  He might have bowel cancer or he might have a thyroid problem or the report could be totally bogus. The US can’t confirm it.

Putin will transfer control of Russia’s government to Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian federal police’s Security Council for a few days according to a video from the mysterious Telegram channel “General SVR” on Saturday.

The villainous Patrushev promised not to “do anything rash.”

The channel — which is purportedly run by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general known by the pseudonym “Viktor Mikhailovich” — reported that Putin has been told by doctors that he must undergo an operation.

“I will say that this is the worst option,” the narrator of the video said. “Patrushev is an outright villain. He is no better than Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he is a more cunning, and I would say, more insidious person than Vladimir Putin. If he comes to power, Russians’ problems will only multiply.”

“Viktor Mikhailovich” ominously hinted that he and his allies “will make certain efforts so this does not happen, and I hope we will succeed.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby could not confirm the reports.

Meanwhile, an oncologist, identified by the outlet as Evgeny Selivanov, has reportedly made dozens of secret visits to Putin’s Sochi getaway home over just four years.

The report also suggests the Russian president secretly underwent surgery last autumn.

“In medical circles, it is believed that the president was undergoing a complicated procedure related to some kind of thyroid disease during this period.”

Saturday’s video claimed that Putin’s cancer is progressing, but the narrator darkly quipped that he doesn’t want to give viewers “false hope.” He allegedly has bowel cancer since 2020.

Reportedly, Putin has looked sickly and fidgety when in public.

“General SVR” has been reporting on Putin’s supposed oncology diagnosis since at least November 2020

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