Russian President Putin’s 1st Major Speech Since 2-24


Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his first major speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum since the invasion on February 24th and he looked healthy. Maybe he’s not, but he looks well.

His statement to the world is Russia is now out of the system of Western architecture and is charting its own course. It’s a civilizational state. They are a sovereign nation and won’t be controlled. Putin said Russia will follow its course with an eye toward cooperation.

Putin said the invasion of Ukraine was “forced and necessary” because Ukraine was fighting in Donbas, amassing troops on the border, and no one was listening to Russia. He saw no way out except through a fight. The collective west was militarizing Russia’s border, he said.

About the economy, he said the collective West has no idea how to run an economy. He said something to the effect that you have to be a child to believe in the Putin Price Hike. The West’s problem is the printing of excessive money, adding that the sanctions have backfired on the US and the EU.

According to Putin, the elitists’ time of rule – with their ill-conceived sanctions – is coming to an end.

He was with Asian leaders and is looking toward the East.

Putin said it is the end of the “unipolar world”.

“Truly sovereign states are always committed to equal partnerships,” while “those who are weak and dependent, as a rule, are busy looking for enemies, planting xenophobia, or finally losing their originality, independence, blindly following the overlord,” he said.

You can listen to the speech on one of these three links. They may or may not appear since some browsers have banned them. About midway through the clip, he discusses Ukraine and the West in a panel discussion.

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