AFL Documents: Schools Are Indoctrinating Kids to Transform Public Education


America First Legal, AFL, found proof that school districts and consultants are using Critical Race Theory to “transform” public education. They are indoctrinating American children to make it happen.

America First Legal released 166 pages of documents proving it. They sued for the documents from the Pacific Educational Group (PEG). PEG claims “Systemic Racism is the most devastating factor contributing to the diminished capacity of all children” to run teacher training and shape the curriculum.

The district tried to hide the materials, claiming copyright infringement.

Then, AFL sued the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District in Chester County, PA on behalf of a parent.

PEG finally caved.

The documents show that PEG’s “training” of the District staff included exercises on “walking through the barriers to teaching Critical Race Theory at your school,” and how “Critical Race Theory is a vital step in your School Transformation Action Plan.’”

afl crt proof



Leftist teacher unions, education bureaucrats, and media officials have promised the American people that “CRT is not being taught in any single K-12 school in America.” But America First Legal has uncovered the truth and exposed their lies.

Parents across the Nation should read the documents. They need to demand that their local school districts tell the truth about the role CRT and other woke ideology plays in teacher training, curriculum development, and, ultimately, student indoctrination.

And as well-documented by the outstanding work of Parents Defending Education, PEG is working with school districts in states all across the country to disseminate this toxic ideology.

Think about something else. Biden has the borders wide open and most people pouring in are black and brown. Their children then go to schools teaching whites are evil. How do you think this ends?

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5 months ago

The Indoctrination of our Children can be brought to a screaming halt by replacing Public Schooling with a Voucher Systems. States can do this and don’t need the Federal Governments permission. Private Schools better educate children, and can do it much cheaper than Public School Bureaucrats.