US Is First to Give mRNA Shots to Infants – Meaning No Nations Do This


Pfizer/BioNTech announced that their data on the three-dose Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months to under age 5 years had favorable results regarding immune response, with minimal side effects. However, there are no peer-reviewed studies or long-term studies. In addition, the US stands almost alone in vaccinating infants and toddlers.

The US might be the only country in the world to vaccinate infants and toddlers against COVID with the experimental mRNA.

The media isn’t sharing that information widely. When Alex Gutentag posted factual information about it, he was suspended.


Europe approved Pfizer for children 5-11 years.

Eight countries give the vaccine to children as young as 2, but no younger, and the vaccine they use is not mRNA. They use a more traditional vaccine.

China gives its non-mRNA vaccine to children ages 3 and older. Hong Kong, Bahrain, Chile, Argentina, and the UAE give the Chinese non-mRNA vaccine to children 3 and up. Cuba and Venezuela give the non-mRNA Cuban vaccine to children ages 2 and up, the Business Insider reported in April.

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