Russian TV Reports Mueller Probe Is a Ploy to Sabotage Trump-Putin Meeting


Robert Mueller is part of the establishment and his indictment has one purpose which is to influence President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. George Stephanopoulos, a biased Clinton operative, even noticed Sunday.

“Remarkable, Jon. It has to be intentional. I mean, the special counsel — I know Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, on Friday said it was determined by when they had the evidence in place,” Stephanopoulos said.

“But clearly, they could have decided to put this off until after the summit, if they chose to do that. They chose to do this before the meeting with President Putin and President Trump, I think in order to raise the stakes of the meeting and in fact put pressure on President Trump to make sure he makes this front and center in his meeting with Vladimir Putin tomorrow.”

Russians spying on our election is a problem and the President has been tough on Russia. Mueller wants Trump to take it more seriously which is difficult since it is being used to falsely claim Trump and Putin planned the election interference in 2016.

On the other hand, not handing Putin a victory is important. Putin does want to be relevant and his relevance has been undermined. The President knows that.



CNN played a clip from Russian TV which the reporter uses to portray the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Russian President Putin as a win for Putin. What he dismissed is the Russian reporter stating that the indictment of the 12 Russian intelligence officers and others was a ploy to sabotage the summit. The Russians have a point although their motives should remain suspect.

Just because Russians use the issue, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


A case can easily be made for the Russian take on it, although it’s clear the Russian media would try to manipulate Trump with this broadcast. Still, the Russians might have a point.

No one should believe Trump will be fooled by Putin. This is the man who hired John Bolton and keeps him close. Take that into account with the fact that the Mueller indictment looks very sketchy in other ways.

The indictment of the 12 Russians that couldn’t wait until after the President’s trip looks more absurd as the days go by. Mueller rushed to indict the Russians but they will never see the inside of a U.S. courtroom. What’s more. Everything in the indictment was known a year ago, so why the urgency now?

The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes said that the indictment is a near-exact copy of their report, the report that was roundly mocked by the media and the Democrats. Yet, nearly everything in the report is in the indictment. What is very concerning and very telling is what is not in the indictment.

Chairman Nunes said Mueller omitted all Russian targeting of Republicans. Mueller only put the victimization of the Democrats in the report.

The timing of the indictment is absolutely suspect — after the Strzok hearing and before the President meets with Putin.


At the same time, the Democrats are doing everything they can to dissuade the President from meeting with Putin. Democrats don’t want Trump to succeed on foreign affairs. They are the Resistance.

They have been playing up a soundbite of Trump calling the EU a “foe” on trade. The Socialist behemoth is an economic foe and it doesn’t help that the former president and his machine sabotaged that relationship by telling the members not to trust Trump and to resist.

Every meeting with every foreign leader has been sabotaged before or after by Democrats and their media. A number of times, Hillary or Barack trolled him in the countries he visited. Still, Trump continues as if they weren’t damaging his efforts.

The irony is the Obama administration and other Democrats met with Putin without any recriminations from the press.


President Obama spent much of his presidency working on a reset which was a one-sided giveaway to Russia. The fact that the media barely criticized him for it but now turns around and demeans this President who has been tough with Russia, well, it should tell us something.

Flashback! Barack Obama Colluded with Russia

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