Illegal Alien “Families” Are Being Released into the Interior


Activist judges have ordered the President to reunite illegal aliens with their children. The government is also not allowed to detain them beyond 20 days. As a result, they are all being released into the country. Expect far more future aliens to come with children, anyone’s children.

Some of these aliens are criminals. Reports claim one in five are criminals.

Judges also refuse to end ‘catch and release’ which allows for full open borders.

‘Catch and release’ is a mechanism by which anyone coming in illegally with a child is released into the interior after 20 days. It has been going on since 2014. The aliens are given an appearance ticket for a year or two from that point but more than 90 percent don’t show up. These people simply hide out, waiting for the next amnesty.

People with children are given “alternatives to detention” which includes the appearance ticket or an ankle monitor. The cartels tell the illegals to immediately cut it off and discard it.

‘Catch and release’ ends up taking in most aliens, even those without children because Democrats won’t add detention centers to hold aliens until their court dates. There is a backlog of almost 700,000 which could mean one or two-year detention in some cases.

The administration is following the orders of the activist judges and is releasing all illegal immigrant “families”, many of which are not related.


The left conflates legal and illegal immigration to excuse the policies they support.

The Week, a left-wing outlet, gives the lefts’ viewpoint fairly well. They explain it this way: President Trump, judging by his words and actions, hates illegal immigration and any policy put in place by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. But like Obama, he is finding his immigration policy constrained by a 1997 consent decree, court rulings, and public opinion.  

So, you see, to them, legal and illegal immigration are one and the same. In fact, the President has never tried to stop legal immigration.


Currently, we are paying for empty beds in detention centers because of it. Forty percent of the beds are empty.

“It’s a mystery why they would not want to use this space available,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for stricter enforcement. “If they have the detention capacity, they should be using it.”

The Washington Times was critical of the reversals. But it seems the Trump administration is attempting to curtail the mass invasion and using the policies to advertise the who and the why.

A Homeland Security official told The Washington Times that they believe their hands are tied by a court case — the Flores settlement.


“We are in compliance with the court order,” the official said.

That 1997 Flores settlement, which originally required the speedy release of children who arrived at the border alone, was updated by Judge Dolly Gee in 2015 to apply to children who come with their parents. Under the new rules, children can be held in ICE custody for only about 20 days, The Times reported.

Since deportation cases almost always take longer than that, the 20-day deadline means the children have to be released into communities. The government usually wants to place children with parents, so it releases the entire family.

President Trump ordered his attorneys to challenge the Flores settlement and ask Judge Gee for a rethink.

Those lawyers told Judge Gee that they believe a ruling by another federal court judge, Judge Dana Sabraw, allows the feds to hold the aliens beyond 20 days if they are held together. Sabraw had set timelines for reunification of families.

Judge Gee rejected the government argument.

The government is left trying to find some strict policy that can be used.

Judge Gee is the one who mandated representation for illegal immigrants with severe disabilities at taxpayer expense.

Judge: Immigrants have right to representation


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