Russians Are Helping North Korea in One Vital Way


It’s the lifeblood for North Korea and it’s needed for their missile and nuclear program.

Reuters is reporting that Russian tankers have supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea, according to two senior Western European security sources.

Russia is breaching the U.N. sanctions but there is no evidence the Kremlin is behind it or knew about it according to one source.

The transfers in October and November indicate that smuggling from Russia to North Korea has evolved to loading cargoes at sea since Reuters reported in September that North Korean ships were sailing directly from Russia to their homeland.

Chinese vessels have also been seen supplying fuel to the hermit kingdom but they deny illicitly shipped oil products to North Korea. They say they can’t control every vessel.

Reuters was unable to independently verify that the vessels had transferred fuel to North Korean vessels, whether the Russian state knew about the sales or how many Russian vessels were involved in the transfers. It was also unclear how much fuel may have been smuggled.

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