Russia’s 500,000 Soldiers Prepare for a Massive Offensive in 10 Days


The Kremlin

Russia is reportedly amassing an enormous army of 500,000 troops on the Ukraine border for an offensive in ten days. They have thousands of pieces of equipment.

They are hoping for a victory on the anniversary of the invasion.

A Ukrainian military official speaking to Foreign Policy magazine on condition of anonymity said: “we expect in the next ten days a new, huge invasion.”

According to the official, Russia has already amassed an estimated 1,800 tanks, 3,950 armored vehicles, 2,700 artillery systems, 810 Soviet-era multiple-rocket-launch systems, 400 fighter jets, and 300 helicopters.

Ukrainian Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov said in a recent interview with a French TV network that Russia is preparing to put 300,000 to 500,000 soldiers into battle in the coming weeks.

The US and West claim Russia lost 200,000 troops. Col. MacGregor says something quite different.

Anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine

Col. MacGregor said these are the same people who got us into endless wars and have continually lied to us. Russia has said they will not tolerate an armed NATO on our borders in Ukraine. He added that they’ve been forced into taking the offensive position.

The political elite has gotten us into this dangerous position, MacGregor believes. They have enriched themselves with these military interventions. Unfortunately, they have badly miscalculated. They thought all they had to do was arm these proxies.

The pre-eminent goal of most politicians is to enrich themselves and stay in office. Their donors guide them. Follow the money. The ruling class guides both sides of the political spectrum to keep the money flowing to them and their donors, he affirms.

The Balloon Incident Is a Foolish Distraction

MacGregor addressed the power of the 300 Chinese satellites, and said the flimsy balloon isn’t a threat; our border is. Thousands of Chinese and Russians are pouring in. How many are spies, and where are they? Why are our borders open? Why are our troops in foreign countries and not on our border?

The Chinese have a satellite array that gives them all the necessary data.

Meanwhile, we can’t recruit forces for any type of offensive.

As for the economy, we’ve defaulted before, and we need to restructure. Representatives who actually cared about this administration would act. They’d do something about Biden. He elaborated on the state of the nation, and it is troubling.

MacGregor also explained how we got into this position with Russia (15:00 on the tape). Zelensky was overwhelmingly voted in on a platform of peace with Russia. He couldn’t even speak Ukrainian, having only spoken Russian. Then he did a 180 and became the most vehement Russia hater. It seems the globalists probably got to him or prepared him for it.

The Ukraine front has collapsed, and no one in the West has told the truth. The US is not in a position to go to war with anyone. He explains why we can never go on the offensive but apparently are.

Watch this fascinating interview:

MacGregor said children are grabbed off the streets and forced to the front lines.

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