Samantha Power outlined 10 steps to kill a country-it’s Biden’s playbook


Retired reporter Don Surber put up an article by Samantha Power on his Blogspot. It was published in December 2003. The title is, How To Kill A Country, and the subtitle is, Turning a breadbasket into a basket case in ten easy steps—the Robert Mugabe way. Mugabe was a communist and she did not admire him. The article outlines the ten steps that led to the destruction of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe. It’s also the playbook for what is going on in the USA today.

Rhodesia once was one of Africa’s most prosperous countries. Now it’s one of the most depressed.

The Ten Steps

1. Destroy the engine of productivity

The administration is selling out our economy to Maoist China, and any other takers it can find. They plan to redistribute wealth from the productive to the unproductive and give the rest of our wealth and resources to the world.

2. Bury the truth

The first thing that came to mind was the Hunter Biden story that was banned by the MSM and social media. The next things that come to mind are the massive silencing of truth about vaccines, COVID, the border, inflation, euphemistically-named bills to turn us into socialists, and the tales of our excellent and successful withdrawal from Afghanistan where we won’t leave anyone behind.

Instead of truth, we get non-stop propaganda.

3. Crush dissent

We do a great job of that. We have leaders who help bail out anarcho-communists but keep “parading” Trump supporters in prison without charges, due process, or bail. Then there are the constant memos threatening people with whom the administration disagrees like the latest to moms and dads who don’t want CRT taught to their children.

4. Legislate the impossible

What laws? Democrats are completely lawless. Then they regulate us via agencies into non-productivity. If they want to circumvent Congress, they simply have an agency write a rule. We now have OSHA mandating vaccines.

5. Teach hate

That’s easy. Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are pure hate. They are pitting black ‘victims’ against ‘white supremacists.’ It’s a lie but, remarkably, it’s working. They also divide us along gender, class, religious lines to drive up the hate which is always aimed at whites, especially white men.

6. Scare off foreigners

Biden scares off our allies while cozying up to our enemies. In our case, Biden’s cabal is scaring off citizens, but the principle is the same.

7. Invade a neighbor

Again, in our case, the neighbors are allowed to invade us, even encouraged to do so.

8. Ignore a deadly enemy

Biden mostly caters to our deadly enemies but, in the case of China, he often ignores them. He certainly ignored the Taliban as they marched to cabal scorching the earth on the way.

9. Commit genocide

If Biden keeps pushing the hate against whites and killing the economy, it will be a genocide. The most notable genocide is abortion to the moment of birth for any reason.

10. Blame the imperialists

In California’s Ethnic Studies curriculum, they are taught that the white Europeans are living on stolen land and the people from Mexico, Central America, and South America are actually the indigenous people.

You hear the imperialist nonsense from the Squad regularly.

That sure looks like Biden’s playbook.

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