Same People Who Destroyed Roseanne Had Smollet Back on Set Today

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Smollet has been making a million dollars a year on his show and allegedly committed his crime because he was unhappy with his salary. One must wonder how he thought this would help him get a salary boost and why a million isn’t enough.

Smollet was back on the set of ‘Empire’ this afternoon, but they are allegedly considering suspending him. The same suits — ABC/Disney — who didn’t give it a second thought when they destroyed Roseanne’s career aren’t tossing him to the wind.

Roseanne tweets an offensive joke and the show is rewritten with her out of it. Smollett fakes a hate crime, stirs racial discord nationwide, and he’s back on the set of Empire today.


After the Jussie Smollet mess today, TNT’s show “Drop the Mic” decided not to air an episode featuring Smollett. The NY Post reported that an upcoming episode of TNT’s celebrity rap-battle series “Drop the Mic” has been shelved by producers “in the interest of not being exploitative of an incredibly sensitive situation,” the network says.

“We are holding on airing his episode for now and we are replacing it with the [Raven Symone] vs Ron Funches and Joey McIntyre vs Joey Fatone episode,” a TNT spokesperson explained in a statement Thursday.

They’re holding it, for what, until the sociopath’s criminal behavior all blows over?


  1. He is claiming this because he is running cover for libs. Once the feds investigate the letter and dig into the $ and communication trail they’ll find Harris and Corker’s Anti-lynching legislation is connected. The timing is too coincidental.

  2. Jussie is apparently claiming he is innocent, his legal team went after the CPD claiming at the press conference the Police chief trampled on his presumption of innocence, I wouldn’t be surprised if his legal team tries some kind of OJ-Simpson “bad cops, bad system” defense in search of a jury nullification type of ending.

  3. Watching F&F thiis a.m. All the black celebrities are coming to this Smollett kid’s defense using the fact that Trump is POTUS as an excuse for his behavior. Of course, leftist celebrities defending the indefensible actions of another leftist “celebrity”.
    TDS gone absolutely wild and infecting what brains these people have remaining between their ears. If any.
    Meanwhile, they ignore the progress and success the policies of this President have had in the minority communities in this nation. All unemployment figures drastically reduced, food stamp participation reduced, etc. Best economy in a very long time.
    The left just can’t stand the successes of this administration. All done in 2 years!

    • Unemployment figures did not drastically decline in two years. Unemployment numbers have been on a consistent downward trend for the last 8 years and economy has been expanding for almost nine years. Thankfully there are actual numbers that show this….. perhaps google them.

  4. I read this loser show was on FOX which has a history of broadcasting trashy shows. I don’t have any use for ABC or any of the other nitworks either. Thank God for DVDs and ROKU.

  5. They did cut Roseanne loose really fast. I bet his days are numbered. It’s only fair and right he gets canned. “You’re FIRED” as Trump would say!

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