San Fran gives driving permits to cars without drivers


Democrats in San Francisco just passed a new regulation that allows two companies — Cruise and Waymo — to send autonomous vehicles around the city. The DMV gave them driverless deployment permits in the state.

Their cars can drive without drivers or passengers in the rain and light fog and one of the companies can drive up to 65 mph on public roads.

They have a mere $5 million insurance policy which sounds like a gift from the officials in charge.

The police don’t have enough to do but now have to figure out how to deal with cars without drivers that break traffic rules and run over people.

Rob Grant, senior vice president of government affairs for Cruise, said in a statement. “It brings us one step closer to achieving our mission to make transportation safer, better, and more affordable in cities with our fleet of all-electric cars.”

Safer and better? There ARE NO DRIVERS! Not humans needed at all!

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2 years ago

Just wait until Teenagers start Pit maneuvering these cars off the road instead of trying to tip a cow for kicks.

Zil Trabant
Zil Trabant
2 years ago

Cars are a construct of the white male capitalist imperialism and must be deleted with the “historic” pen and phone so that all comrades can walk or skateboard in the interest of fairness and equality.
Use your back foot to push off when skating on the people’s Betoboard for best results.
Contact your local cargo cult czar for redistribution of these hip and sporty eco-friendly boards repurposed from old pencils at a factory in the glorious peoples republic of Vermont.