San Fran Offers Free Money to Trans Who Can Choose from 134 Genders


WOKE San Francisco is offering a $1,200-a-month Universal Income handout to low-income trans people. When they apply, they can choose from 134 genders and pronouns. They can also pick as many as they want.

San Francisco’s Democrat Mayor London Breed announced the monthly stimulus program that is exclusively for residents who “identify” as the gender that conflicts with their biological sex.

Breed calls it the Guaranteed Income for Transgender People (GIFT) program. GIFT will give 55 transgender residents $1,200 a month for up to 18 months. The money is given unconditionally, and they can buy drugs or alcohol if they want.

Joseph MacKinnon at The Blaze says: Transsexuals may only account for a sliver minority of the population, but they have garnered a majority of certain Democrats’ concern. With her city facing a 7.4% increase in violent crimes and out-of-control homelessness, San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) has kicked off a new so-called guaranteed income program for those who identify as members of the opposite sex.

The application has 97 genders, 18 pronouns, and 19 sexual orientations.

You can choose “xenogender,” which means a gender beyond human understanding. They might want to choose “gender outlaw” or “genderf***.”

Tickboxes for pronouns include neutral terms “ze/hir/hirs” and “xe/xem/xyers.”

Sexual orientations listed include “BDSM/kink,” “T4T” and “skoliosexual.”

Check out the application. By the way, there are two genders.

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