San Fran Will Spend $$$ to End Transgender Homelessness


San Francisco Democratic Mayor London Breed announced a plan Tuesday to “end transgender homelessness” in the city by 2027. Just transgender homelessness.

The plan would direct $6.5 million in the proposed budget to combat homelessness, specifically for people who identify as transgender.

A 2021 survey estimated there are roughly 320 transgender homeless people in San Francisco, compared to 2,800 homeless women and nearly 8,000 total homeless people in the city, the Daily Wire reports.

“Today I announced my 5-year plan to end transgender homelessness in San Francisco, which includes investing in programs that support and create real long-term change in the lives of transgender people, Mayor Breed Twitted.

The proposal makes San Francisco the first city in the U.S. to commit to ending homelessness for TGNC people, the mayor’s office stated. The Board of Supervisors amends and approves the mayor’s budget proposal before approving the city’s two-year budget July 1. The mayor’s proposed two-year budget includes at least 150 long-term housing subsidies through the city’s Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool program and acquisition and operations for a new permanent supportive housing site for TGNC and LGBQ+ youth, with a focus on transition age youth, according to Ebar.

While noble a cause, it leaves out too many people, and clearly, she has no clue about mental illness and drug addiction. They’re not on the street because they’re transgender in most cases.

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