Sanctions Flop Alert! Russia Makes Out on Diesel Sanctions


Fun Post for Saturday, May 27th.


We have here just one of many glaring examples of how the sanctions flop is bankrupting Europe and enriching Russia.

Europeans sanctioned Russian diesel and won’t buy it from them. Instead, they buy it from Saudi Arabia, which buys it from Russia. The costs to the Europeans are exponentially higher. If anyone asks whether the US-European sanctions are working, tell them about this.

Since the US is guiding this insanity, blame the US. As Germany, once the financial powerhouse of Europe, skids into recession, remember how the sanctions only hurt the West. We have a lot of stupid leaders. Read on…

The Flop

Technically, Saudi Arabia is not sending Russian diesel so they don’t violate the worthless sanctions. They are circumventing sanctions by sending their own which they can do because they’re buying Russian diesel. It all happens simultaneously.

The kingdom imported 174,000 barrels a day of the diesel and gasoil from Russia in April and even more so far this month, data compiled by Bloomberg from analytics firm Kpler show.

Simultaneously, it became Europe’s top supplier, leapfrogging Russia since February.

The trade flows are just one example of how the oil market has so far absorbed aggressive western sanctions — and a price cap — on Russian petroleum sales, allowing the country’s crude and fuels to keep flowing in large volumes. says Bloomberg.

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