Sanctuary Cities Aren’t As Popular As They Once Were


The residents of Hyde Park, Chicago, don’t want the illegal aliens moving to a hotel in the area. Chicago is a sanctuary city and most residents in Chicago voted for the people who did this to them.

One woman who spoke at a town meeting was irate. She said 73% of the residents are black and she wants to know what they’ve done for them. Agreed. The black residents are citizens and they are dealing with crime, poverty, and inadequate schooling. We shouldn’t bring in unvetted foreigners, giving them everything they want no less, until we’ve taken care of our own citizens.

The Biden Administration is flooding our cities and towns with anonymous people, many of whom are dangerous. An overwhelming number coming into the country are young to middle-aged men.

No one wants them. Biden should be arrested, along with DHS Secretary Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

All fighting age men.

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