Sanctuary City Malibu Wants Church to Stop Feeding Homeless


The Malibu United Methodist Church in Malibu, California has been feeding homeless people and others in need since 2014 but the city council has asked them to close their kitchens, according to FoxCharleston.

They can’t do enough for the foreigners here illegally — they are a sanctuary city — but homeless and hungry Americans, not so much.

Every week the church pulls out the food truck with the home cooked meals in sanctuary city Malibu.

“Yeah, it’s a safe place here and everybody is welcome,” said Micah Johnson, who said the program has really helped him out. “The food is really good. It is home cooked and a lot of TLC involved.”

“I’m still currently, don’t have a place to live,” he said. “But I have a job now so first things first.”

The city sent an email to the church asking them to attend a meeting where they were asked to stop feeding the homeless after Thanksgiving.

“We were asked, very succinctly,” said Dawn Randall who volunteers with the church. “They claim we are responsible for increasing the homelessness.”

The church feeds 70 to 90 people every Wednesday.

“I think many of them eat out of dumpsters and trash cans when they are not eating with us,’ said Kay Gabbard, who works at the church.

Why is California letting foreigners pour in and live off the dole but not taking care of Americans?


Where will the people go? Apparently the people in Malibu don’t care but there’s always the dumpsters.

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5 years ago

This is a huge stain on the liberal enclave known as California. They should mobilize ALL the California homeless to march on the capital reminiscent of the veterans march in the 1930’s.

I don’t know why Republicans will not use the countless images of scores and scores of people, those who are employed and those who are not, that line streets, freeways, and many other places. All that is needed is a caption, “THIS IS HOW THE BLUEST STATE LIVES!!”

5 years ago

The heartlessness of the left is really astounding. Of course, such charity and kindness is based on Christian principles. And Christianity has long been under attack.