Sanctuary State NJ Doesn’t Have “Room or Resources” for Migrants


Even though Gov. Phil Murphy insisted on turning New Jersey into a sanctuary state, he says he cannot now take in migrants. He has neither the room nor the resources.

Murphy made the comments after the Biden administration placed Atlantic City International Airport on a list of 11 federal sites that are under consideration for housing over 100,000 immigrants flooding into New York City.

No one seems to care about the millions flooding into Texas and other states along the border.

“I don’t see any scenario where we’re going to be able to take in a program in Atlantic City or frankly elsewhere in the state. You need scale, enormous amount of federal support, resources that go beyond anything that we can afford. Putting everything else aside, I just don’t see it. I would suspect that will continue to be the case.

Murphy said no one from the White House has contacted him.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy

Atlantic County is one of the poorest in the state.

Politicians Balk

“Our very way of life is being threatened right now, “said Dennis Levinson the Atlantic County Executive. Levinson said they have compassion but ”this is a problem that we can’t solve.”

“When you say we are a sanctuary state people think they can come, but they can’t come because there’s nowhere to put them, Laura Pfrommer, the Republican mayor of Egg Harbor Township said.

US Rep Jeff Van Drew says he didn’t hear from the White House but was told the airport in Egg Harbor Township was on the list sent by the Biden administration to New York City Mayor Eric Adams as a possible shelter for some of the 60,000 illegal aliens.

“We need help up here,” Van Drew said. “We need to take care of our citizens and our residents who are breaking their back every single day.”

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