Black Lives Matter Is Back, Calling Police “Killer Cops”


Black Lives Matter protesters are marching in the streets once again, protesting over the death of 21-year-old pregnant mother Ta’kiya Young. They are making unsubstantiated claims that a Blendon Township, Michigan police officer shot her because she was Black. There is no published evidence so far to support that.

Police bodycam video shows that Young had attempted to flee from the arrest by driving her vehicle directly at a police officer.

The incident is tragic. She was suspected of shoplifting when confronted by the police in the parking lot.

Video screenshot of commie kids. BLM is a Marxist organization.

Young refused to get out of the car and stepped on the brake, moving forward toward the officer standing in front of her car. It didn’t look like the officer had time to get out of the way. Her move was unexpected.

BLM marchers took to the streets on Saturday night. Some protesters accused the police officers of being “killer cops.”

Radical advocacy groups are calling for justice.

Some say the campaign season has begun.

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