In Clown World, You Can’t Say “Satan Is Bad!” Good to Know!


Here’s our clown world post for today, starring a clown who supports Satan – a Satanist supremacist Air Force veteran. The person believes in many non-theist teachings, including Satanism. The individual filed a civil rights complaint over the supervisor’s joke, a sign on her desk reading  “not today, Satan, not today. He claims it’s a “grotesque, Christian supremacist symbol.” Satan apparently isn’t grotesque.

The employee has legal representation from an anti-Christian troublemaker who says, “You can’t say Satan is bad.”

The person who posted this photo on Wikimedia Commons said he hopes it gets through to people. And Oh, it has. Democrats love Satan, and it explains so much.

The employee feels he’s in an unsafe, hostile work environment over the “Christian supremacist” sign.

The sign was situated in a way that it faced the guest chair, said the unnamed individual.

The employee sent a “passionate and deeply emotional email” to the supervisor explaining his or her feelings.

So, now the employee has the anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which is basically one anti-Christian man named Michael Weinstein, fighting for a Satanist.

Screengrab of Mikey Weinstein. Maybe he’s possessed? He kind of looks like Satan.

The hateful, anti-Christian Weinstein, who heads up the ridiculous foundation, said that the sign expresses a religious view.

This company’s upper management is considering bringing in sensitivity awareness training. God forbid we insult Satanists. That’s who we are now. We support Satanists. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Weinstein says we’re secular, and we don’t look at whether “Satan is bad.”

Okay then.

But actually, we do. He is much more than a religious symbol. Satan represents all the evil in the world. It’s obvious this supervisor mentioned it as a joke. But if there’s anything we know about the left, they can’t take a joke. And they sure don’t like freedom, but they do like Satan. Good to know.

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28 days ago

This POS is insane. Satan is EVIL incarnate, Mikey.

Rosemary Marshall
Rosemary Marshall
29 days ago

As a friend once said, “You have to believe there IS a God before you can deny Him.”