Saturday News flash from Bidentopia


So much of the left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

~ George Orwell

For all of you who are celebrating Passover or Holy Saturday, we wish you a blessed weekend. Just so you don’t miss the news, you can go through this in a flash! We have news from a communist falling off a building to racism making black women fat.

Racism, baby!

Racism is responsible for fat black women. And whites or something are to blame ultimately. To us, we think she is just eating too much.

Everyone on the Left, including Biden and the media, is lying about the Georgia Election Law.

Lisa Boothe put it well. “The Left straight up lies about the GA election law, the media pushes those lies, and then corporations like the @MLB punish the state over something it didn’t do. Rinse and repeat moving forward. I hope everyone is awake now!”

Krazy Keith Olberman wants to boycott the Masters. The insanity never stops, thank a Democrat:


The murder of a Capitol Hill police officer yesterday is disappearing from the news and images of the attacker are disappearing from Twitter. It’s the strangest thing.

Cher is still Cher:

Star Wars gal, Gina Carano, is almost totally erased from Twitter for wrongthink.

Yet another professor [theological dean] who hates white people and the USA:

Biden is attacking small businesses. Leftists hate them.

Communist falls off a building during a protest – no word on how he is:

And, Matt Gaetz is still not in prison and there is still no evidence he did anything wrong.

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2 years ago

I knew a Traitor Joe Presidency was going to be a mess. I clearly under estimated the damage he would be able to do to the Nation because I underestimated the the amount of Election Fraud the Nation would tolerate. I actually thought Republicans would maintain control of the Senate, but then Georgia has always be questionable. After all they did give us a Peanut President who destroyed the economy back in the late 1970’s. Why should we surprise at giving us a Brain Damaged President with a Congress behind him? The 2020 election is a clear example as to why the 17th Amendment must be repealed. The Mob is just too irresponsible to vote without being checked by the Unemotional Deliberation of the State Government.

Leather Duster Six Shooters
Leather Duster Six Shooters
2 years ago

Obesity and chess be racist? Shazaam!
Masters? Didn’t Tiger Woods win five? (racist!)
Someone got knifey with it in the district of cesspool? (The sound of enemedia crickets)
Breaking at the wrong side of the tracks Dollar Store-EBT and SNAP now accepted at this location. (racist!)
Awww yeaa the faculty lounge New Man utopia is just a few trillion dollars away.
A trillion here a trillion there and pretty soon you start talking about Zimbabwe money.
(apologies to Everett Dirksen)

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

The Biden Pretendency